Wk1 – Artist Interview – Jennifer Frias & Christina Lee

Art 110

For this week I decided to focus on the project by Jennifer Frias (jenniferfriasprojects.wordpress.com) and Christina Lee (christinamijunglee.com). These photos really grabbed my attention.



When I saw these photos I asked myself why would someone organize a shelf at the dollar tree like this. I thought that maybe they are employees and this is what they do during slow days. Whatever the motive, these pieces really grabbed my attention.

The symmetry in these sculptures is very pleasing to the eye. The sculptures look well balanced. The blue in the first picture is very calming. Add in the balance and symmetry and it is a very pleasing piece to see. The yellow in the second piece makes you very happy and with the addition of the stars makes for a very cheerful piece.

Both of these pieces really grabbed my attention and after viewing this project I was very happy.


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