Wk1 – Classmate Interview – David Aceves

Art 110

This week I met with David Aceves, a classmate, and we strolled through the galleries. David is senior about to graduate this year. He’s from the San Fernando valley and is also a rugby player. David never joined a fraternity during his time here at CSULB because he got a sense of brotherhood through his teammates. It was nice talking to him throughout these galleries because he was very easy to talk to.

David and I looked at all the at pieces and a few peaked our interests. One piece that intrigued us was this one by Kang Seung Lee.


David and I spent a good amount of time pondering this piece. On the left side of the picture above all three frames show a person in the same pose. One is a photograph on a modern take of the original photo. Another is the original photo. The last one is the original photo, but stitched. From what we saw in these three frames, we assumed that the other stitched frames are copies of an original photo.

David and I aren’t well versed in art, so it was a little tough thinking of what some of these artists were trying to convey in their pieces.  Overall, I think we were able to see what the study was trying to do in their piece.


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