Wk2 – Activity – Instagram

Art 110

This week we got the opportunity to compare and contrast our lives to the lives of each other through Instagram.  We took four photos from September 4th, 2014 and shared them using the hashtag “art110f14”.  Here are the photo I decided to share from my day.

The photo above is a picture of my skateboard that I take with me everyday to campus. This next photo is of my partners for the day, Allen and Kylie, and me.  It was nice meeting them and getting to know them.  To learn more about them you can read my post “Wk2 – Classmate Interview – Alan Vu & Kylie Hazehara”.

This photo is of me finally leaving campus after a long day.  My classes ended at 3:15, but I stayed on campus a while longer to attend club meetings for the Pilipino American Coalition (PAC) and the Nikkei Student Union (NSU).  After the NSU meeting we all headed to Deli News to eat and socialize.

That is how I captured my day and it is interesting to see how much different ever person lived that day.  I saw that some people went to Disneyland, the airport, the beach, and so many other places in the area.  Many people just stayed home and watched Netflix, read a book, studied or many other things.  In all of the tagged photos you get to see the individuality in each person through what they decide to capture.  Also looking through this “album” you get to see the same tendencies through different people.  A lot of people have similarities through posting “selfies”, pictures of food, and photos of what happened during our shared art110 class.  Through all of these photos you get a sense of who each person is and what their interests are, but you also get to see how similar we are through the same type of photos we each posted.


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