Wk2 – Artist Interview – Brittany Mojo

Art 110



For this week’s artist interview I chose a project by Brittany Mojo (BrittanyMojo.com).  Her project was very different than most of the other projects I have seen.  It seemed somewhat random, yet well thought out and organized.  Everything fit right next to each other and every different element created a rectangle.  There were different types of ropes, pieces of wood, boxes painted with a blue grid, ripped blue tape and so much more.  I really had no clue what the theme behind this piece was until I read her description of her piece on greaterlamfa.com.

I learned that her piece is themed around items that are used in what she calls “woman’s work”.  Her work shows her interest in patterns, systems, and repetitive work.  She organizes her pieces in such a way that they are not of individual attention, but each piece works together to create something bigger.

This piece entranced me because of these patterns and how they all work together.  The individual pieces don’t call attention towards themselves.  Your eyes doesn’t focus on a central focal point.  This allows you to see all of these different patterns individually, but does not make you think that they are stand alone pieces.  They work together to create something bigger than themselves.  They create something much better than what they are individually.  That is what I enjoyed about this piece.  The sense of working together to make something much bigger than yourself.


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