Wk2 – Classmate Interview – Alan Vu & Kylie Hazehara

Art 110

This week I had the great opportunity to meet both Alan Vu and Kylie Hazehara.  We walked around the sculpture exhibits and a few pieces caught our attention.  One of which was this one by Bridget Batch.

We talked about how different it is and how interesting it was. It helped us think that no matter how artificial the future is, that we will at least have the stars to stare at.

After we finished looking at the exhibits, we sat down and got to know each other.

Alan is a second year from northern California who hours to become a such therapist. He’s a part of a fraternity. He also is an RA at the Parkside residence halls.

Kylie is a first year that is still contemplating what major to choose. She played volleyball in high school and is joining the intramural league here on campus.

It was nice meeting both of them and hopefully I will be seeing them both more throughout this semester.


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