Wk3 – Artist Interview – Tricia E. Rangel

Art 110

For this week’s artist interview I had the pleasure of viewing the work of Tricia E. Rangel. Her pieces were fairly simple and quite unique. They were very geometric. This adds order to these sculptures. The interesting thing about these sculptures is that they were mainly made of dirt and materials from home. It gave the piece a dirty look, while the geometric shapes have a cleaner feel.


The formation of the sculpture above reminds me of a community that has been bombarded with artillery in the middle east. The shapes and floor if that sculpture have me that feel of destruction.
These sculptures that she created are very well out together. The detail she put in this one below is quite outstanding. The way she have layers to the side made you think that she got a saw and cut it out of the ground herself.


Overall, I was very impressed with this gallery and it really did make me think


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