Wk4 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley

Art 110

For this week I viewed Maccabee Shelley’s (http://maccabeeshelley.com) latest gallery on campus.  The pieces he chose to display at the gallery were mainly made of melted glass bottles.  Most of the pieces consisted mainly of cool colors.  The combination of the smooth glass and the cool colors gave an underwater feel to the sculptures.

The artist didn’t give much information on names or of what he thought his works meant. He left the sculptures up to interpretation because he felt that it gives the sculpture more meaning that way. What these sculptures represents to me is the underwater reefs today. Many bottles get washed into the ocean everyday and the fish and creatures learn how to adapt to their surroundings. The coral reef is not just coral now, but also a combination of litter. I am not sure if that was the message he was trying to portray, but it was the message I got


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