Wk5 – Artist Interview – Mike Lewis

Art 110

wpid-20140925_111015.jpg wpid-20140925_111007.jpg

For this week I focused on this piece by Mike Lewis (http://mikelewisart.com).  This piece is what seems to be a collage of photos of the outdoors.  A lot of the photos are cut up leaving the center of the photo blank and up to your imagination.  Most of the photos that are left in tact have what seems to be abandoned shelters or beds from camp sites in the wilderness.  I find it very ironic to see these photos with the abandoned campsites because normally people’s intent went to camp is to be one with nature, but when they leave they no longer care about the nature.  This leaves the message that people only care about things that involve them and not about things that no longer directly affect them.  Although I am not quite sure about the meaning of the cut up photos, I believe I get the meaning to the ones in tact.  It was really interesting piece to see and it was very well put together


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