Wk8 – Classmate Interview – Michelle Morte

Art 110

For this week I had the pleasure of talking to Michelle Morte (http://imichellemorte.wordpress.com).  This is not the first time I have talked to Michelle.  She sits behind me in our FEA 206 (History of Broadcasting) class.

We decided that this week we should get to know each other.  And we had a very extensive conversation.  I learned so much about her.  First off she is a 3rd year who wants to become an independent movie maker.  The genre she said that she would want it to be in was very specific.  She would want to make a psychological thriller.

Since we are both film students, we talked about television and movies.  I found out that her favorite show of all time is Family Guy and her favorite current show is Blacklist.  Her favorite childhood cartoons were the Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry.  If she were to meet anyone dead she would meet the director of The Godfather, Mario Puzo.  If there were to be a movie made about her life she would want Amy Poehler to play as her.

It was nice to actually get to know the person who sits behind me in my class.  I don’t have a photo because the photo we took is on her phone haha.


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