wk10 – classmate interview – April Gliane

Art 110


This week was a little different when I talked to April (http://withloveapril.wordpress.com) this past week.  At first it was the normal conversation.  She’s undeclared but wants to pursue nursing.  Her favorite color is pink and she has three sisters.  She lived in Long Beach her whole life and currently works at Zumies in Lakewood.

April, unlike me, can speak tagalog and is full filipino.  But, she also likes to skate around campus like me but on a pennyboard.  We also found out we have a fairly similar driving story.  I’m not exactly sure how we got onto the subject of driving, but we found out that we both unfortunately have driven into our garages when we were first learning how to drive.  But, it sounded like she made a bit more damage than me.  In my accident I just hit the garage door, in her’s she also hit the wall.  She said it was a blessing in disguise because they found out that the wall wasn’t built strongly in the first place.  So her parents should really thank her for finding that out.

All in all, she was a fun and easy person to talk to this week.  I hope the best for her in her future endeavors.


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