Wk12 – activity feedback

Art 110

Favorite assignments:

  1. Painting – I liked how we went untraditional and used spray paint
  2. ePortfolio – I liked being able to play around with the site and add past work to an ePortfolio for people to see
  3. Instagram – It was fun taking pictures throughout one day and documenting it

Least favorite assignments:

  1. Counterfactual identity – I have never been a fan of being someone else and talking to people as someone else.  Dressing up and pretending to be someone else is just not my thing
  2. Vlog – I like the idea of having a vlog, but I don’t like how you made us post a video of us talking about ourselves.  From what I know on youtube a vlog can be anything documenting your life.  I for one am very very camera shy and I do not like looking at video of myself.  So for my vlog, I vlog’d my day like a youtube vlogger might would.  I tried to put my own spin on it so I could still make a vlog but not put myself on camera.  I just don’t like how unopen you were to the idea of other videos that didn’t have ourselves talking about ourselves.
  3. Drawing – I did not like the idea of drawing on our phones or tablets.  I would have much rather it been open to any kind of drawing, whether it would be on paper, in a program or on a phone.

Overall the class was pretty fun, but some activities weren’t what I was expecting.  Some titles made me think that we were going to do one thing, but we did something completely different.  In order to make this class better, in my opinion, would be to be more open to people’s interpretations of certain activities for the week.  Some people might be really wanting to do a cool sketch in the “drawing” week, but then can’t because they have to draw on their phone.  Some people might be looking forward to the vlog, but then their idea doesn’t work because they wanted to do something more creative.  Just being more open to others people’s interpretations would make the class a lot more fun


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